The National Exchange Hotel is a dog-friendly hotel. Call the front desk to make arrangements for your dog: 530.362.7605. No other pets are allowed.

For the health, safety, and enjoyment of all of our guests, staff, and owners the following Dog Policy has been established:

  • The National Exchange Hotel welcomes dogs, but cannot accommodate other pets such as cats, birds, rodents, reptiles, or exotics.
  • There is a two dog limit.
  • The pet fee is $50 per pet.
  • Dogs must never be left unattended in the room at any time, whether or not the dog is in a kennel crate.
  • Dogs must be leashed and under direct restraint at all times outside your room and/or on hotel property.
  • There is a $300.00 cleaning fee, determined solely by management, for a room left in an unsatisfactory condition.
  • Connecting rooms requested by a Guest with a dog, excluding ADA compliant Service Dogs, will be assessed a pet fee for both rooms.
  • Except for ADA compliant Service Dogs, dogs are not permitted in the restaurant, bar, kitchen, or lobby areas.
    You are required to clean up after your pets on both hotel property and the surrounding area.
  • As a responsible dog owner, you accept full responsibility for your dog and any damages caused by your dog during your stay at the hotel.